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Walkin, Talkin, Kissin, Huggin

We kinda sorta have another walker! Gavin still favors crawling but we’ve been able to get him to walk holding onto our hand! And he has walked a few steps on his own, mostly between us and to Kaelyn. He LOVES being by Kaelyn, and is always looking for her. This school year will hopefully allow Gavin and Ian to become buddies. Yay!

As far as development goes, Gavin seems to be doing everything at a slower pace than the other two. I would have guessed the opposite since he always wants to be with his siblings, but he’s taking his time and we are ok with that! Once the full-blown walking begins we are in trouble. He has been babbling away recently. We ask him to say Mama and he says Dada. We ask him to say Omnomnomnom (think Cookie Monster when saying that) and he says Mama. Gavin LOVES to say HI. And is super friendly, once he knows who he is dealing with.

We did have our 15 month appointment today, Gavin is 22lbs 4ozs and in the 25th percentile for height (forgot to write down his measurements). So he’s growing! Yay! He did get 3 shots today but was a total trooper. Like I’ve said before, I was kind of worried about his development since he was a month early. But the¬†dr said there is nothing to be worried about either. It’s just his personality (the baby) that is keeping him from wanting to do anything for himself. He said he sees Gavin progressing and he is doing great!

Letting go, and swatting his hands up and down. It is so hard to catch him walking but he’s been doing it more frequently.

This week is another big change for the boys. Gavin has now moved onto one nap a day. The past few weeks, Gavin has been fighting me on the second nap when clearly he wasn’t tired. So to break up the day and keep him from falling asleep on the carpet, I’ve been taking the boys to the park, or grocery shopping, or other errands. This past Tuesday Jen and Jackson joined us at the park. And as you can see from the photos, the kids are not going to stop for the cutest photo-op. They are ON THE MOVE.

Both my boys trying to climb the swirly thing. Jackson running away from the camera.

Crawling and getting completely filthy.

Ian made it the whole way across AND he didn’t kick his brother! Yaaaaay!

Yes, cute photo opp. No? Oh ok. *sad mommy*

And last but not least, Fur Baby 1 (Mac) has been a complete lounge cat. He loves to hang with me so he usually comes into the den, finds the most comfortable thing possible to lay on, and then curls into a ball. Awee! Fur Baby 2 has definitely become the gremlin under the bed. I was searching for dirty clothes and he hissed from behind the shadows. Scary.

Yes, he does hold his legs together. It looks like he’s getting ready to dive.

This week has gone by quickly! Steven is off to college tomorrow so we are having Dad’s homemade pizza at their house tonight! Woo hoo! Let the weekend BEGIN!

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