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A Very Hungry Caterpillar Party

Well it was such a fun day, we all needed a day to recover from all the eating! Of course, since we were having a Very Hungry Party, we made sure to have lots of yummy foods for Gavin’s 2nd birthday! He is in love with bugs and will lay down on the driveway just to watch them. So when I pulled out The Very Hungry Caterpillar G instantly loved it and became quite attached to his BUG book. And of course, Ian loved it because he could sorta read along when we read it out loud daily. My parents took on hosting this time and it worked out perfectly. The weather was supposed to be rainy but the day turned out to be beautiful! Ok enough of me yapping….Here are the pics!

Our Very Hungry Cake! The woman who made our wedding cake and grooms cake made this fantastic AND delicious cake! She is so talented!

Butterflies that Ian helped me make. He was very proud of them.



More Cookies.

The kids goodie buckets with our favorite book!

Our happy little birthday boy.

Kiki hanging outside on the patio in the sunshine! Yay sunshine!!

Ian-man was was snacking with Dziadzia on the patio. I’m so glad we had the opportunity to hang outside! I’m totally ready for summer!

Jen and Jonathan brought over their bounce house for the kiddies to play in! It was a total hit!

Oh man. Birthday boy was a bit frazzled that he had to share. It was totally Jacksons turn but Gavin would not have it. Jack was a total trooper and let Gavin push him!

See!! All better!!

Cameron making a face?? Stinker!

Brayden was a total trooper too! He was totally mellow and he had plenty of hands to hold him so his mom and dad could get a break! Who DOESN’T love holding a baby!!?? 🙂

Auntie Katie sure didn’t mind hanging with Brayden!

Gavin decided to take off running with his new truck and all the kids followed.

Oh boy, they are all going to be trouble!

Mr. Landon had a great time partying too! Yet again, lots of hands=let mommy relax a bit! Cutie!

Ian and Cam were having a blast at the end of the night. They just dug right in, no pun intended 🙂

More pictures to come from dinner to cake!! Woo! Thank you to everyone who came out to have fun with us yesterday! It was definitely a memorable party!

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Pre Party Prep

Now say that 3 times fast…

Well yesterday after going back and forth on what I really wanted to make for Gavins party, I decided to officially make fun cookies. With the help of a few friends with the right sized cookie cutter and cutely shaped rolling pin, I got started when the boys went down for their non nap.

So I used my favorite cookie mix to make sugar cookies and made an icing/glaze out of food coloring, water and powdered sugar. The results?? Here ya go!

My “paint”

My flock of butterflies in the process of getting their glaze.

My model butterfly.

Ta DA! And oof, my legs definitely got a work out from all the bending over and standing up!

And of course, I couldn’t leave out the main character 🙂 The best thing is that I didn’t have a bug shaped cookie cutter but I did have a carrot! I just molded his head til it was round. Eat that Martha.

And here is proof that I did all the work myself:

I believe this was taken at 5:30 on Friday night. I then ate dinner and went to bed at 8. It’s been a long week, can’t wait to par-tay today!

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