John and Dana

and our life with the munchkins!


Many of you who know me, know that I am someone who doesn’t take surprises easily. Well needless to say, I’ve had 3 wonderful surprises come into my life and would never ever want to go back to days before them. Now that we are coming up on another milestone tomorrow I want to tell my side of the Gavin story. John may want to give his version someday so I need to get the story down 😉

Now just  a fair warning: men shield your eyes/ears if you don’t wanna know the gory details.

September 22, 2008(yes NOTE the day, Ian Michael’s 1st Birthday)- went into my OB for my annual. Decided that I wanted to stay on birth control but wanted something a little bit more permanent. So I talked to my dr about all the options and the best one for me was the Mirena IUD. So 2 weeks later I went in to have the procedure done. Nothing felt different with my body, but needless to say, something was already taking shape.

October 31, 2008- Went back in for a follow-up, which is routine for the procedure/IUD. They basically make sure its in place and continue to monitor any other issues. I did tell her I was lethargic and really exhausted and was feeling completely bloated and not myself. She said it normally would take a few months for the hormones to regulate, then I’d be good to go for 5 whole years! She drew blood to check my thyroid  but not to check for pregnancy. WOO, I thought to myself, I’d will have a choice as to when we get pregnant again! Boy was I wrong.

Thanksgiving-Christmas– An amazing amount of snacking/cravings/calls to the dr and still she didn’t think anything was abnormal.

Late January- Couldn’t find the darn Mirena string…(told ya’ll to shield thou eyes) Went to the store and bought a pregnancy test because I had a gut feeling. I just KNEW something was going on that shouldn’t be. Motherly instinct? Quite possible. Or just our dumb luck and super baby making combo. Yeah, he touches me and I get pregnant…yada yada yada… What happened next was the most scary, nerve wracking  ordeal we had ever been through. John and I ended up heading to the drs office, and she did an exam…couldn’t find the string. We switched rooms and hung out with the sonogram machine. SURE ENOUGH, Senor G$ was about 20 weeks old, due June 10th, flipping and squirming inside. Could I feel him moving? Not really. Did I now understand why my work clothes and bras were snug. Hell yes.

Did we cry? I don’t honestly remember. I know I looked at John and we knew right away we were in this for good. Not that we would get out of it, this baby was HERE TO STAY. Shoot, where would be put him when he came home? What about our car? What about college in 18 years? What about Ian being 15 months, being 20 months at the baby’s arrival?! Was baby ok with the IUD?  Seriously, the world started to spin. We then were shipped to X-Ray at Sherman Hospital, and got baby’s first pictures done. More importantly he had all 10 fingers/10 toes, was growing at a great rate and the IUD seemed to have done nothing to him except become a nuisance. He, I assume, pushed the IUD up against my uterus wall and it stayed there.

Telling my parents was interesting. My mom had noticed me getting bloated around Christmas, said something about that IUD and then we just continued on with our lives. My dad had a hunch 🙂 Being home and around me and the kids for a majority of his time off, he noticed the subtle changes. The second I walked upstairs to tell my parents the news I started fumbling like a moron. He said it and I just about broke down. It hit me like a ton of bricks.

Well a few months passed and Mothers Day came around! I had a drs appointment the following Monday to find out how baby was doing. Of course, the entire duration of the pregnancy I had to see a specialist thanks to the mishap with the IUD. So my life was scheduled around the appointments, preschool and work. Going through the motions at the appointment, Dr Korzen felt that the baby wasn’t head down. OF COURSE NOT, why wouldn’t he be. So we decided on inversion…yes, the hell of having someone push and pull and tug on my belly while trying to flip my fetus in-utero was something I was willing to do as long as I didn’t have to have a c-section. Insane, YES. Me=not thinking. There was a reason he wasn’t flipping…forcing him to flip was probably not the best idea. So the following Thursday, I had a follow up with the specialist with the Level 2 ultrasound machine. Not only did they find that I had 2 placenta (woah, what?!), but the baby had his cord wrapped around his neck TWICE. That kid was not being pushed and pulled. He decided that he wanted to be carried out of my womb, which is probably why he has chosen the  “walking is so not for me” option in life.

You all comprehending all of this?! Is this not the craziest situation EVER?! Sure I didn’t go my entire pregnancy not knowing but woah, 20 weeks in?! CRAZY.

Now they go ahead and tell me that they are going to schedule my c-section for tomorrow, Friday May 15th. The baby will be born 4 weeks early, so just to make sure, they decided to do an amniocentesis on me. DEATHLY afraid of needles and without my husband, I literally ran out the door of the hospital, called him and he was at my side within 20 minutes. Oh hey, anyone out there wanting to have an amnio done, DONT. BLEHHH. Nothing else in the world can describe the amount of pain and the contractions that followed?! UGH. Because sure, they need to do it for the baby’s sake but did they ask me if I needed to be knocked out? NO THEY DID NOT.

All went well with the amnio, babys lungs were mature, and we were go for baby #03 at 11am the following day.

The house was a mess, the kids rooms needed to be flipped so both boys would be sharing the largest of the three, clothes need to be washed, my hospital bag needed to be packed and all in all we were not prepared. Thankfully the grandmas and nanas of our world stepped in and took care of most of the dirty work. And the rest of the story went swimmingly. John drove me to the hospital, where we waited to be prepped and then into the c-section we went! Quick, relatively painless( the actual c-section was a blurr, and in the recovery area I was drugged) and I got a cute baby and scar! Woohoo!

Happy Birthday to Gavin John in just a few hours! Amazing how much stress and worry someone goes through to bring a child into the world! I love him and the others to pieces! He’s just got the best story 😉 Thanks Buddy!

Next Update will be about his stats!