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Summer: Part 1

I left off with a post about birthdays and swim lessons. A few other things have happened but nothing of major substance for me to blog about. I recently took back my old position at Gymboree (one that I had back when I didn’t know I’d be a mom to 3 kiddlets). It’s been great getting out of the house, and doing something that I really do love. Yes, I admit it. I love retail. Roll your eyes πŸ™‚ And yes, there are times when I’ll complain about it but the flexibility it gives me to stay at home with the kids during the day is fantastic. Plus the clothes rock and so does my discount. So…I’ve been working 20-25 hours every week for the past 4-5 weeks and it’s been a huge adjustment. Hence my limited blogging/picture taking.

John has been a huge help to me by making dinner, getting kids to and from camp/swim lessons, and keeping the house tidy. With out that help, I’d be sunk. So, fair warning to anyone wanting to ‘drop by’. My house is a pit even with husband cleaning service, the laundry is about 3 loads behind most days, and sometimes dinner is just a frozen za because I can’t get off my tired rump to figure out a decent meal. I guess we’ll see how long it takes for me to adjust, I’m just glad I’ve got John here every step of the way. Funny how far 5 years of marriage have taken us.

The kids finished up swim lessons a few weeks ago. Gavin-major fail, Ian-minor fail, Kae-SO CLOSE to next level. And honestly, they just loved being in the water and mostly listened to their teachers instructions! That’s all I cared about. Not looking for 2012 Olympic swimmers in this household. I just want my kids to be kind and respectful to ANYONE who is teaching them something. The older two have that down. G-man needs some help but thankfully preschool will be starting and his teachers are wonderful yet don’t take crap from small people! Wahoo!

They then jumped into summer camps! Ian went Monday/Wednesday/Fridays (9am-11am) for 3 weeks, and Kae went for 2 whole weeks (9am-3pm). Both kids LOVED being in their structured environment, and it was super nice not hearing the whining of them both-IM BOOOOORRRREEEEDDDD. Gavin hung with me on the days when Ian and Kae were both in their camps, and we mostly shopped for groceries and got Jamba Juice. He loves his one on one time with us, but really did miss his siblings.

Currently we are knee deep in wedding season, so showers/bachelorette parties are upon us this week and next. I’ll try to get some posts with pictures up but I honestly don’t want to fish for the camera cable. Mamma is LAZY.

So that’s part 1. Part 2 will come at a later date. When…no promises πŸ˜‰

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Goodbye 2nd Grade, Hello 3rd!

Today was Kaelyn’s last day of 2nd grade! She had a wonderful year πŸ™‚ She continued to excel in reading and writing but also continued to improve in math! Mrs. Krewer was a fantastic teacher and I hope she’s still around when Ian gets to Dundee Highlands! The boys and I went to the school to see the end of the year bell ringing but didn’t get a chance to take any pictures of Kaelyn and the bell.

Here is one pic I took with my phone right as she came out the doors into her new found summer vacation freedom!


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Boys Will Be Boys

Hmm…I never truly understood that statement until Ian was born. Kaelyn was always a sweet, calm and very independent little girl. She has since grown out of the calm stage but has gained so much more maturity in these past 6 years. I mean, come on, she’s going be a FIRST GRADER next year! Woo Hoo!

Now Ian, lets just say he’s testing my patience. He’s a very loud, rough and tumble sort of kid. We always joke that he will be the first to have a broken bone (knock on wood PLEASE) or join wrestling in middle school just to pummel kids down. But seriously, he loves to test his limits and tries to get away with anything he wants to. Well today we had our friend Jackson over to play for a bit, and Ian decided that eating sand wasn’t enough…He needed to throw it up in the air to try and catch it in his mouth?! I say it like that because SERIOUSLY?! He’s gonna send me to the crazy house. I can’t wrap my mind around the insanity coming out of his little brain. Oh well… Here’s some pictures. And hopefully a nap for the boys will cure them of all their crazy thoughts.

Also, 1-year-olds love climbing large slides that are taller than their mothers. And usually get stuck near the top hoping for a rescue. Geesh. (no pictures of that today…next time I’ll keep the camera around my neck)

Getting each of their own toys in their own corners. Sharing is a rare happening these days, at least for my boys. Jackson was very generous in his sharing today.

Ian, after whipping his sister in the face with a shovel full of sand. It never fails to have a camera ready to capture such precious moments in life… smoke coming out of my nostrils and snarls out of my mouth

Kaelyn has mastered the monkey bars at home AND at the park! “Mom! Take a picture!”

Mr. Jackson was hanging out watching everyone and everything. What a cutie pie πŸ™‚

Ah, the sand munchers. I’m pretty certain I said “NO, DONT EAT THE SAND” to both boys about 2o times. Ah, Boys will be boys. (but very cute boys indeed)


Bringing Back All Kinds Of Childhood Memories

This weekend was our weekend to prep the yard for Gavinator’s party! We bought all of our supplies/plants and dug right in! It was also the first 80-90 degree days of the year, John was less than thrilled about this while I felt like I was inΒ heaven South Carolina. We also slow cooked ribs on Sunday, and they were DELISH…heat/grill/humidity…we all basically got scorched. I decided to pull out the ***drumroll please*** SLIP ‘N SLIDE! WOO!

Kaelyn at first was extremely hesitant, the water was TOO COLD…I basically told her to suck it up and deal, HAVE FUN DAMN IT. πŸ™‚ And she did. And it was amazing.

Ian had no fear. He enjoyed drinking the water out of the sprayer and running after Kiki. Here are some shots from the day!

There she goes! Slip n slides are so incredible dangerous and SO AMAZING! We decided to put it on the flat side of the lawn…not “the hill”. For those of you who have encountered “the hill”“the hill” is painful if you take a tumble…we felt that there was no need to visit the ER that weekend. Anyway…back to more PICTURES!!!

Ian totally going for it!

I love this picture! Childhood fun!Action shot!From what I remember, water always tastes best out of the hose! Am I right?!

And the kids got to eat outside! Here is Ian munching his second hot dog! Slip n Sliding makes kids hungry AND sleepy! (both kids actually took a break in the afternoon)

And then we come to Exhibit C. Gavinator got to chill in the grass too! Not quite sure…

Seriously Mom, I’m wet and cold and I DON’T LIKE IT! I give him a few days in the kiddie pool and he’ll LOVE the slip n slide! One can wish, can’t they?!

Did that put everyone one in a happy, summery mood?! I love this season, yes I will complain about the heat occasionally…but it’s manageable with shorts and t-shirts and lots of “lime water”! Right Dad Cathony?! I learned from one of the best, to enjoy the summer, no matter what…Pictures of my dad lounging in MY kiddie pool will eventually surface. And that is how I plan to spend my summer as well, hoggin’ the pool.

Happy Summer!

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