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Bringing Back All Kinds Of Childhood Memories

This weekend was our weekend to prep the yard for Gavinator’s party! We bought all of our supplies/plants and dug right in! It was also the first 80-90 degree days of the year, John was less than thrilled about this while I felt like I was in heaven South Carolina. We also slow cooked ribs on Sunday, and they were DELISH…heat/grill/humidity…we all basically got scorched. I decided to pull out the ***drumroll please*** SLIP ‘N SLIDE! WOO!

Kaelyn at first was extremely hesitant, the water was TOO COLD…I basically told her to suck it up and deal, HAVE FUN DAMN IT. 🙂 And she did. And it was amazing.

Ian had no fear. He enjoyed drinking the water out of the sprayer and running after Kiki. Here are some shots from the day!

There she goes! Slip n slides are so incredible dangerous and SO AMAZING! We decided to put it on the flat side of the lawn…not “the hill”. For those of you who have encountered “the hill”“the hill” is painful if you take a tumble…we felt that there was no need to visit the ER that weekend. Anyway…back to more PICTURES!!!

Ian totally going for it!

I love this picture! Childhood fun!Action shot!From what I remember, water always tastes best out of the hose! Am I right?!

And the kids got to eat outside! Here is Ian munching his second hot dog! Slip n Sliding makes kids hungry AND sleepy! (both kids actually took a break in the afternoon)

And then we come to Exhibit C. Gavinator got to chill in the grass too! Not quite sure…

Seriously Mom, I’m wet and cold and I DON’T LIKE IT! I give him a few days in the kiddie pool and he’ll LOVE the slip n slide! One can wish, can’t they?!

Did that put everyone one in a happy, summery mood?! I love this season, yes I will complain about the heat occasionally…but it’s manageable with shorts and t-shirts and lots of “lime water”! Right Dad Cathony?! I learned from one of the best, to enjoy the summer, no matter what…Pictures of my dad lounging in MY kiddie pool will eventually surface. And that is how I plan to spend my summer as well, hoggin’ the pool.

Happy Summer!

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