John and Dana

and our life with the munchkins!

Our Little Man

Gavin John was born May 15th, 2009…weighing in at 6lbs 4oz, and 18 1/2 inches long!

As of today, May 21,2010…weight is 20lbs 8oz, and 28 inches. So he’s a bit small for his age, but nothing to be worried about!

  • He LOVES food. Hot dogs, chicken, popcorn, carrots, peas, green beans, teddy graham crackers are some of his favorites.
  • He does not like for mama to be out of the room for more that 2 seconds, if that happens the ‘siren’ starts. I’ll record it and eventually allow EVERYONE to enjoy it 😉
  • Is a fast crawler and has been crawling since 6 1/2 months.
  • Enjoys cruising the room holding onto objects like the couch, table, ottoman.
  • Will not stand on his own, he thinks crawling is much better for him.
  • Loves to also be carried, as he should because mom enjoys holding her “baby”.
  • Wearing 6-12 month clothes, and some 12-18 month. We have actually been able to re-use Big Brothers clothes! Hip hip Hooray for saving some $$$!
  • Enjoys playing with his toy bins, and LOVES taking every dvd out of its dvd basket. He’s a pro at making a mess in less than 30 seconds!
  • Says “Dada” “Mama” “Hai”
  • Can wave bye and hi!
  • Can shake his head NO and YES…and tends to be a stinker about saying no to many things. Sense of humor starting at a young age?!
  • Loves when he is being talked to by Big Sister. She secretly loves playing with him too 🙂
  • He likes petting the cats, Cooper seems to be his favorite and Mac is VERY tolerant of the sometimes rough petting he gets.
  • Will sit down and read a story with mom or dad, mostly loves his “Tails” book…which all the kids have enjoyed!
  • Likes to go to the park with his neighbor friend Jackson( who is turning 1 June 1st), they are going to be LOTS of trouble for the Dundee Highland teachers 😉
  • Still takes 2 naps for us during the day, one at 7:30 and one at 12, both are usually 2 hours long.

He is an absolute joy in our lives and wouldn’t change anything about him…Ok MAYBE the screaming, but only that. He is a very mellow and serious dude, who needs to make sure he’s ok with everyone in the room/area before he smiles or starts to chat. We call him Mr. Junior Senator 🙂 Happy Birthday Bubba, glad to have you around!

Birthday Cupcakes with Mom, Dad, Kaelyn, Ian, Uncle Steve, Maga, Baga, Auntie Collette, Aunt Meg and Alex on May 15th!

Serenading him 🙂

Picking out his own cupcake and then smearing the whipped cream frosting all over the table and his pants!

Mmmm Mmm! No fear of “dirty things” with this kid!

Right before his birthday bath 🙂