John and Dana

and our life with the munchkins!

This Past Week

So Tuesday the 29th was my brother in laws birthday, John had plans to meet someone for a website meeting, and I was going to tackle some things off my to-do list! But for some reason I couldn’t wake up, possibly from weekend festivities, and working. John got up, dressed for work and then headed downstairs. I dragged my lazy ass out of bed and into the bathroom. When I came out to grab my towel and clothes, John was in our room and it for some reason freaked me out. He looked at me like I WAS CRAZY…which I am…and told me to come in. He was in his shorts, tshirt and baseball cap-definitely not SD #54 work attire- and had my outfit picked out for me too! SURPRISE!


He got me Cubs/Padres tickets for my birthday! My grandparents would be watching the kids and we were on our own for the whole afternoon! It was AWESOME! Best surprise! And the cubbies won! Oh, the seats were by far some of the best we’ve ever had too. Sweet! Oh and Brendan was there with his friend Matt! Double sweet.


Wednesday was magnificently boring and necessary. I bought a bridesmaid dress and Kae went to a friends house!

Then Thursday I turned into an old lady. I know I know. I’m not an old lady 😉 But my awesome friend Mandy sent me this awesome card and it downright made me laugh out loud. Love it. Just you wait when I send something your way, Lady. Since you are SO much older than me!


And my mom, dad, Brendan helped me celebrate with Lou’s pizza and a cute little cake. Weee!


Then on Saturday we celebrated birthdays (Al (29), Me (26), Pat (19)) at the Rorks house with yummy burgers, brats, and dogs! It was fun 🙂 no pictures, just plump bellies to
show for it.

And now this week we just started swim lessons! Gavin is without one of us in the pool (hallelujah!!!!) and Ian and Kiki are on the other side of the pool! Gavin seemed to listen but this was our first class, things can only get more interesting the more comfortable he gets with his instructor. I also got the chance to squeeze in some Brayden time since Jackson is in swim lessons with G! Anytime you need a break Jen…;) And actually whenever ANYONE (cough Janine cough) needs a break from their baby… More than willing arms over here!! Alright off topic now. Here’s my water baby.


And to end this week, John is off Friday and we are heading to the zoo zoo zoo! Oh and we will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary on the 9th! Weeeee!


Gavin’s Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

Pictures Pictures Pictures! John did a wonderful grabbing shots of the entire day. We are missing some decor shots, but I drop them onto the blog from my phone asap.

Edit: Here are the photos from my phone 🙂

Front Door with covers from Seuss books (I bought a bulletin board set off of Amazon, it had most of the book covers and characters)

Back door!

I downloaded a Seuss font and typed up our favorite sayings/quotes and said which books they were from. I also found stickers and fun foamy stickers at Michaels on clearance! Score!

I had these frames on the tables outside and had the Seuss books open on the tables!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Gavin’s 3rd birthday on Saturday! The weather was beautiful until about 5:30 when it dropped 20 degrees and a nice wind picked up, but most of our friends and family were troopers 😉

Our Seuss-Inspired Menu:

Thing One and Thing Two BBQ- pulled pork (with bbq sauce on the side for people to choose from, Sticky Fingers of course)

Hop on Pop Chicken (i was stretching on that one…)

Green Eggs and Ham

Schlott’s Knotts- rolls

Yot in a Pot- baked beans

Poodles Eating Noodles- pasta salad

Prairie of Prax- coleslaw

Who Hash- potato salad

Yink Pink Ink Drink- pink lemonade

Moose Juice and Goose Juice- Moose drool beer and Goose Island 312

Ok. Photos. Here we go!

Gavin’s sentiment was “can I just go jump in the bounce house now?” I made sure John got photos BEFORE they ate cheese popcorn and had yink pink ink drink.  I bought the ties and heart from an etsy store and ironed them onto Target shirts. Cheap and cute!

Bounce house fun! Thank you Foleys for letting us borrow it for the day!

I feel like I never get photos with anyone. Well I made John take this one. Prior to this we were making stupid faces without each other knowing it, John had to bring us back down to earth. We are idiots 😉

Opening his very own drum set (just like Daddy) from Phil and Shannon. I’ll make sure when they come over next time to bring this out JUST for their enjoyment.

Everyone enjoying the drums.

Oh Miss Jen, you have patience of a saint!

Gavin’s Seuss Cake, Deerfields Bakery rocked it again!

It stayed lit long enough for G to blow it out! Make a wish Buddy! (and try to not stick your entire hand in the cake this year)


Dr. Seuss Party Prep

Well after months of pinning loads of fun things, we are one day away from Gavin’s birthday party! We decided on a Dr. Seuss theme because he really didn’t have any opinion on what he wanted. So it was Mama’s choice 🙂 Of course I’m already thinking about Ian’s monster truck birthday. Oh boy, one day at a time now Mama.

Here are a few pics:

Our stack of Dr. Seuss we’ve had since Kae was a baby.

I’m crazy. Blue fish. Warren Beta Fish, our new family pet. I love the name, John thinks I’m totally insane. Those of you who know me well know that that statement ‘Dana is batshit crazy’ is true.

Goodie boxes!

And that’s it for now, I have a few other tricks up my sleeve but haven’t taken any pictures yet. And I now leave you with my favorite Seuss quote:

From there to here,
from here to there,
funny things are everywhere!

Can’t wait to celebrate this wonderful little boy! Can’t believe he’s THREE! Wee!

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Weekend Fun

We had a pretty busy weekend so far! Fun fair on Friday night at Dundee highlands was a blast! The kids ended up playing games, bouncing in the 3 bounce houses, and eating cotton candy/ice cream! All before dinner even. Lucky ducks. (photos to come, on dead ass camera…win)

Then Saturday Kae went to a friends birthday party and John and the boys and I hung at home for a bit. While we were making lunch, Gavin and I decided to do a bit of swinging on the swings.

Then we all headed over to Nana and Papas house for a birthday celebration for Papa!

And today John and I have been getting our yard ready for summer! We finally cleaned out the sandbox and the boys are SO excited to play in it once they wake up from their naps!

Happy Weekend everyone!

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Gavin is 3!!!

My baby is officially three! We spent this morning at Randall Oaks petting zoo with Ian’s preschool class.




Please forgive the camera phone pictures, trying to get used to my Mothers Day iPhone from John and the kids! Does Siri intimidate anyone else?? No?? I’m just crazy?? 🙂 K!

I will post more pictures throughout the day!


Kaelyn’s Parties!

Well… being 8 and all, Kae decided to ask if we could have a friends party this year, because she thought she was old enough now and had enough friends 🙂 We decided on having it at the Centre in Elgin. They have an awesome zero depth pool with water slides and things for kids of all ages and it was perfect because they provided lunch and drinks and 2 hours of fun in the pool! Baga and Papa helped wrangle the boys while Maga and Nana helped keep an eye on the girls. The girls had a blast and were EXHAUSTED sitting in the party room eating. They all looked like they were gonna fall asleep in their pizza! The boys and neighbor boys were totally amped up and ready for more party by the time it was all over. How do little people have SO MUCH ENERGY?! Agh. I don’t get it. Well enough of my yapping…pics from this party:

Kaelyn, Ella M, Ella P, Marissa, and Julia

All a bit sleepy after swimming.

Ian all sugared up with a cupcake the size of his face.

Jackson enjoying his cupcake and Gavin staring off into space. Oh boys.

On St. Patricks Day, we had Kaelyn’s family party at Maga and Baga’s house! We had loads of corned beef, cabbage, carrots, bread, and polish sausage (I’m probably forgetting a bunch more…we tend to make a lot of food and eat it too). Oh and can’t forget black and tan’s from my dads bar. It wouldn’t be an irish/polish celebration without mentioning the bar and the booze.  🙂 Sloshy sloshy beer. HA. We stuck with the St. Patty’s theme but did a bit more rainbow than anything else. Kae got to go with Nana to Deerfields Bakery and got to design her cake. Again…enough with the yappin’…here are the pic’s:

Kiki’s creative cake!

Boys reading with Uncle Al

I just love her face in this one! Muah! My big 8 year old…wow…just wow.

 We also got to celebrate another birthday! Nana Jean turn 87(??) this year so she got to celebrate with Kae and all the other March babies in the family (Aunt Gail, Uncle John, Aunty Ann, Matthew…I’m probably forgetting someone). March and May and September are big birthday months in our family!

I’ll be back shortly (a day or two) to update on spring break (did absolutely nothing and LOVED it) and Easter! xo

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A Very Hungry Caterpillar Party

Well it was such a fun day, we all needed a day to recover from all the eating! Of course, since we were having a Very Hungry Party, we made sure to have lots of yummy foods for Gavin’s 2nd birthday! He is in love with bugs and will lay down on the driveway just to watch them. So when I pulled out The Very Hungry Caterpillar G instantly loved it and became quite attached to his BUG book. And of course, Ian loved it because he could sorta read along when we read it out loud daily. My parents took on hosting this time and it worked out perfectly. The weather was supposed to be rainy but the day turned out to be beautiful! Ok enough of me yapping….Here are the pics!

Our Very Hungry Cake! The woman who made our wedding cake and grooms cake made this fantastic AND delicious cake! She is so talented!

Butterflies that Ian helped me make. He was very proud of them.



More Cookies.

The kids goodie buckets with our favorite book!

Our happy little birthday boy.

Kiki hanging outside on the patio in the sunshine! Yay sunshine!!

Ian-man was was snacking with Dziadzia on the patio. I’m so glad we had the opportunity to hang outside! I’m totally ready for summer!

Jen and Jonathan brought over their bounce house for the kiddies to play in! It was a total hit!

Oh man. Birthday boy was a bit frazzled that he had to share. It was totally Jacksons turn but Gavin would not have it. Jack was a total trooper and let Gavin push him!

See!! All better!!

Cameron making a face?? Stinker!

Brayden was a total trooper too! He was totally mellow and he had plenty of hands to hold him so his mom and dad could get a break! Who DOESN’T love holding a baby!!?? 🙂

Auntie Katie sure didn’t mind hanging with Brayden!

Gavin decided to take off running with his new truck and all the kids followed.

Oh boy, they are all going to be trouble!

Mr. Landon had a great time partying too! Yet again, lots of hands=let mommy relax a bit! Cutie!

Ian and Cam were having a blast at the end of the night. They just dug right in, no pun intended 🙂

More pictures to come from dinner to cake!! Woo! Thank you to everyone who came out to have fun with us yesterday! It was definitely a memorable party!

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Pre Party Prep

Now say that 3 times fast…

Well yesterday after going back and forth on what I really wanted to make for Gavins party, I decided to officially make fun cookies. With the help of a few friends with the right sized cookie cutter and cutely shaped rolling pin, I got started when the boys went down for their non nap.

So I used my favorite cookie mix to make sugar cookies and made an icing/glaze out of food coloring, water and powdered sugar. The results?? Here ya go!

My “paint”

My flock of butterflies in the process of getting their glaze.

My model butterfly.

Ta DA! And oof, my legs definitely got a work out from all the bending over and standing up!

And of course, I couldn’t leave out the main character 🙂 The best thing is that I didn’t have a bug shaped cookie cutter but I did have a carrot! I just molded his head til it was round. Eat that Martha.

And here is proof that I did all the work myself:

I believe this was taken at 5:30 on Friday night. I then ate dinner and went to bed at 8. It’s been a long week, can’t wait to par-tay today!

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How Old Are You? NOT TWO

Oh yes. Gavin turned 2 and he doesn’t want to believe it! Any time we prompt him he says “not 2”. Sigh. Such is life.

He doesn’t like smiling at the camera anymore. So this is the best we got. 

He’s a big little man now! I can’t believe how quickly 2 years flew by and we have enjoyed those years with him so very much. He’s learning how to say a lot of words, and loving that he can now communicate and we understand what he’s saying!

We’ve been busy the past week prepping for his party and Ian (and Mac) have been a HUGE helper(s) when it comes to making decorations. The theme for Gavin’s party is all about the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The kid LOVES bugs.

Water colors are FUN, MOM! (Buddy man got his head shaved because he’s a general sweatbox in the summer)

The kid loves brown.

Ok. So I had a dream that I would get all creative and “Martha-like” in one day. So….. that dream bit my ass yesterday. I was going to make a caterpillar out of big poofy tissue paper poofs. Yeah. I threw it on the floor after about 3 seconds. Mac however LOVED it. Dude couldn’t get enough of the poof. As for the caterpillar, balloons will have to do 😉 And I’m OK with that. I can cook. I can clean. I can plant a garden. I CAN NOT CRAFT. Acceptance is the first step right?

I’m now going to have to go back in time for a few posts just to get caught up with all the busy things going on in our lives this past month or so!

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Oh Goodness

Far too many things have happened and I haven’t blogged them (shame on me):

Groundhogs Day Blizzard– yeah…that happened. John got 2 days off from work and Kiki got 2 days off from school. The boys, well, they just hung out like any other day!

Our House-during our big dig out

The kids in front of the neighbors 5 ft fence, I guess the snow drift was close to 4 feet here at the bottom of the driveway.

Goofball, on top of snow mountain. (I love her jack-o-lantern smile)

Always Helping

Our Snowmound


Next: Kaelyn’s 7th Birthday! Chicka turned 7 on March 10th and she didn’t let ANYONE forget 🙂 Her family party was on the 6th and it was American Girl themed. Kaelyn is very much into American Girl right now, she currently has Lanie and Kit which were gifts from Nana/Papa and Maga/Baga, along with a bunch of their accessories including pets. She also has my Girl of Today, Samantha and Kirstin. So basically, we can say she is ALL SET. Now for future gifts, we plan to purchase clothing and accessories.

Kaelyn’s Samantha Cake

Lanie on one of her birthday cards, I love her face. This is just so KAELYN. 🙂

Gavin in the best seat of the house, on Papa’s shoulders of course.

Too Sweet to not post, she was so excited!

For her actual birthday Kaelyn requested a ‘White cake with pink frosting with white piping and writing on it saying Happy 7th Birthday Kaelyn‘. I improvised.

She didn’t seem to mind.

Ian enjoying cake.

Gavin without a care in the world, all he needs and wants is CAKE.

Kaelyn got a nightgown from Mom and Dad, and Kit got a matching one. She also got a fold out trundle bed that sleeps 2-3 dolls. Perfect for Kaelyn’s dolls 🙂

Last: IT’S MID-MARCH!! Which means we are super-d-duper busy here in the Rork household!

We are…

Spending time in time-outs…

Dressing our dolls…

Licking our plates clean…


Dressing our cats in miniature leprechaun hats!!



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