John and Dana

and our life with the munchkins!

Summer: Part 1

I left off with a post about birthdays and swim lessons. A few other things have happened but nothing of major substance for me to blog about. I recently took back my old position at Gymboree (one that I had back when I didn’t know I’d be a mom to 3 kiddlets). It’s been great getting out of the house, and doing something that I really do love. Yes, I admit it. I love retail. Roll your eyes πŸ™‚ And yes, there are times when I’ll complain about it but the flexibility it gives me to stay at home with the kids during the day is fantastic. Plus the clothes rock and so does my discount. So…I’ve been working 20-25 hours every week for the past 4-5 weeks and it’s been a huge adjustment. Hence my limited blogging/picture taking.

John has been a huge help to me by making dinner, getting kids to and from camp/swim lessons, and keeping the house tidy. With out that help, I’d be sunk. So, fair warning to anyone wanting to ‘drop by’. My house is a pit even with husband cleaning service, the laundry is about 3 loads behind most days, and sometimes dinner is just a frozen za because I can’t get off my tired rump to figure out a decent meal. I guess we’ll see how long it takes for me to adjust, I’m just glad I’ve got John here every step of the way. Funny how far 5 years of marriage have taken us.

The kids finished up swim lessons a few weeks ago. Gavin-major fail, Ian-minor fail, Kae-SO CLOSE to next level. And honestly, they just loved being in the water and mostly listened to their teachers instructions! That’s all I cared about. Not looking for 2012 Olympic swimmers in this household. I just want my kids to be kind and respectful to ANYONE who is teaching them something. The older two have that down. G-man needs some help but thankfully preschool will be starting and his teachers are wonderful yet don’t take crap from small people! Wahoo!

They then jumped into summer camps! Ian went Monday/Wednesday/Fridays (9am-11am) for 3 weeks, and Kae went for 2 whole weeks (9am-3pm). Both kids LOVED being in their structured environment, and it was super nice not hearing the whining of them both-IM BOOOOORRRREEEEDDDD. Gavin hung with me on the days when Ian and Kae were both in their camps, and we mostly shopped for groceries and got Jamba Juice. He loves his one on one time with us, but really did miss his siblings.

Currently we are knee deep in wedding season, so showers/bachelorette parties are upon us this week and next. I’ll try to get some posts with pictures up but I honestly don’t want to fish for the camera cable. Mamma is LAZY.

So that’s part 1. Part 2 will come at a later date. When…no promises πŸ˜‰

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This Past Week

So Tuesday the 29th was my brother in laws birthday, John had plans to meet someone for a website meeting, and I was going to tackle some things off my to-do list! But for some reason I couldn’t wake up, possibly from weekend festivities, and working. John got up, dressed for work and then headed downstairs. I dragged my lazy ass out of bed and into the bathroom. When I came out to grab my towel and clothes, John was in our room and it for some reason freaked me out. He looked at me like I WAS CRAZY…which I am…and told me to come in. He was in his shorts, tshirt and baseball cap-definitely not SD #54 work attire- and had my outfit picked out for me too! SURPRISE!


He got me Cubs/Padres tickets for my birthday! My grandparents would be watching the kids and we were on our own for the whole afternoon! It was AWESOME! Best surprise! And the cubbies won! Oh, the seats were by far some of the best we’ve ever had too. Sweet! Oh and Brendan was there with his friend Matt! Double sweet.


Wednesday was magnificently boring and necessary. I bought a bridesmaid dress and Kae went to a friends house!

Then Thursday I turned into an old lady. I know I know. I’m not an old lady πŸ˜‰ But my awesome friend Mandy sent me this awesome card and it downright made me laugh out loud. Love it. Just you wait when I send something your way, Lady. Since you are SO much older than me!


And my mom, dad, Brendan helped me celebrate with Lou’s pizza and a cute little cake. Weee!


Then on Saturday we celebrated birthdays (Al (29), Me (26), Pat (19)) at the Rorks house with yummy burgers, brats, and dogs! It was fun πŸ™‚ no pictures, just plump bellies to
show for it.

And now this week we just started swim lessons! Gavin is without one of us in the pool (hallelujah!!!!) and Ian and Kiki are on the other side of the pool! Gavin seemed to listen but this was our first class, things can only get more interesting the more comfortable he gets with his instructor. I also got the chance to squeeze in some Brayden time since Jackson is in swim lessons with G! Anytime you need a break Jen…;) And actually whenever ANYONE (cough Janine cough) needs a break from their baby… More than willing arms over here!! Alright off topic now. Here’s my water baby.


And to end this week, John is off Friday and we are heading to the zoo zoo zoo! Oh and we will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary on the 9th! Weeeee!


Weekend Fun

We had a pretty busy weekend so far! Fun fair on Friday night at Dundee highlands was a blast! The kids ended up playing games, bouncing in the 3 bounce houses, and eating cotton candy/ice cream! All before dinner even. Lucky ducks. (photos to come, on dead ass camera…win)

Then Saturday Kae went to a friends birthday party and John and the boys and I hung at home for a bit. While we were making lunch, Gavin and I decided to do a bit of swinging on the swings.

Then we all headed over to Nana and Papas house for a birthday celebration for Papa!

And today John and I have been getting our yard ready for summer! We finally cleaned out the sandbox and the boys are SO excited to play in it once they wake up from their naps!

Happy Weekend everyone!

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Gavin is 3!!!

My baby is officially three! We spent this morning at Randall Oaks petting zoo with Ian’s preschool class.




Please forgive the camera phone pictures, trying to get used to my Mothers Day iPhone from John and the kids! Does Siri intimidate anyone else?? No?? I’m just crazy?? πŸ™‚ K!

I will post more pictures throughout the day!


Ballet Recital

Kaelyn had her ballet recital this past Saturday and it was so much fun seeing her and all the kids up on the stage! John, myself, the boys, Maga, Baga, Uncle Steve, Nana, and Papa were all able to join us at CMS to see Kaelyn dance!

She said she couldn’t get her eyes to open any more…She had too much makeup in them! I loved their costumes this year!

Floating away!

Oh these boys were so so SO good the entire recital!

Naps normally start at 11:30 at our house. So by 1pm Gavin took a nap on Baga’s shoulder. Thanks Baga!

Kae and Ian with Maga, Baga, and Uncle Steve (home from college for 3 days…now off to an internship for the summer…Mr. Golfer)

Meltdown? What meltdown! Papa being a superstar holding on to a screaming, bucklebacking Gavin.

And finally…we haven’t had a family photo taken of us since last LAST Christmas. Gavin still didn’t want to participate but we’ll take it!


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I’m Ready for 4 More Years…

Are you?? I’m not really an outspoken person. I am disclosing here and now that I’ve been a supporter of Obama since the beginning. Ian walked for the first time EVER on election night. And also, I’m not a pusher and a shover when it comes to politics. If you’re voting for someone I don’t particularly like, not the end of the world. But here’s the thing:

I won’t sit back and listen to you spew garbage facts from unreliable sources. I won’t sit back and listen to you bitch and moan about our president if you don’t/didn’t vote. So educate yourself before you whine. Educate yourself on what would be the best for YOU. This is the one time you have a choice that is all your own.


I’m sure I’ll get glares for having that sticker on my car. I’m sure at some point someone will flick me off. And you know what?? I’ll wave back with a smile knowing that I’m making a decision that will help my family and their future.

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Busy Busy Bees

Well, we are wrapping up the school year here at the Rork household! Last day of school is May 23rd!

Kae will be in 3rd grade next year, and she’s VERY excited to be on the OTHER side of the building (Preschool thru 2nd grade on one side and then we’ve got 3rd-5th on the other). BIG DEAL PEOPLE! HUGE! She’s working hard with Kumon after school on Mondays and Thursdays, and she is currently 6 months above grade level! We are hoping to get her to 1 year above grade level by October or November 2012! Woo Kiki! She’s also in ballet on Thursday nights at the Park District and loves it. She’s got dance in her genes (Nana, Meg, Me…and not to mention my awesome husband has got some KILLER dance moves while at weddings…oh boy)! Her recital is coming up in a few weeks so we’ve been practicing our spins at home.

Ian will be heading to Pre-K 4’s and 5’s and can’t wait to have Mrs. Werner and Mrs. D. AGAIN! This next year will be a huge help in getting Ian ready for KDG! Jolly Phonics are used and more writing/work is done. I love these teachers to infinity! They are the most loving, caring, FUNNY (oh they crack me up so much), and honest people I’ve met. They don’t take crap from the kids but love on them as if they were their own. Hugs and kisses are never forgotten or refused when kids are leaving for the day.

Gavin will be going to Preschool next year as well! I’m anxious because he’s the baby and I’m not sure how I feel about my baby being 3 and at school for 2 hrs. Hell, who am I kidding right now. Two hours is nothing and the kid will LOVE it. I just get weepy. Jackson (from across the street) will be in Gavin’s class and I’ve got a feeling they will have a great time together!

John has been working on some huge projects at work and will continue through out the summer. He’s also started heading to work earlier (out the door by 7am and home before 5:30) so we have more time together at night. The kids LOVE when he comes home…as if I’m the devil (maybe I am??? meh..). I’ve jumped back on the ‘work’ train (after stepping down 2.5 years ago and just doing new line) and have been picking up a few more hours here and there at Gymbo. It’s been fun, and I enjoy working there-going on 6 years! I think getting out of the house is helping me mentally, as I don’t feel ‘stuck in a rut’ anymore. Gotta love a nice change of pace!

Our summer will be jam packed this year, so no vacations in our near future but a big one near the end of the year will keep me going through insane-o summer. Insane-o being…

5 birthdays (Gavin, John’s dad, Alex, Myself, Patrick) within a 3 week period: May 15, May 19th, May 29th, May 31st, June 3rd…mustbreathemustbreathe

5 Year Anniversary: Decided to postpone traveling due to our summer, but we are heading to Ravinia to see Iron and Wine…and ya’ll KNOW how much I love Ravinia…’go big or go home, bitches’ is my mentality πŸ˜‰ Meal planning starting for that already.

and drumroll please…

3 Bridal Showers (2 of which my mom and I are throwing) and 2 bachelorette parties in July and 4 weddings in August and 1 in September! My beautiful cousin Collette and my awesome sister in law Megan asked if I could be in their wedding party and I’m completely honored to be a part of their special days!

So 2012 is the year of the Crazy Dana. Β And I’ve just gotta conclude by saying to my closest lady friends: Β THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO ME WHEN I RANT ABOUT STUPID SHIT. I LOVE YOU ALL SO DEARLY. YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE I CAN GET THROUGH THIS! Let’s just say I’ll be buying wine by the truckloads for our end of the summer ladies night. Mommy Juice. Nuff said.

And sorry, no new pictures to post…it’s been the last thing on our minds. But we will be trying to keep the camera with us during all of our fun summer. xo.

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Kaelyn’s Parties!

Well… being 8 and all, Kae decided to ask if we could have a friends party this year, because she thought she was old enough now and had enough friends πŸ™‚ We decided on having it at the Centre in Elgin. They have an awesome zero depth pool with water slides and things for kids of all ages and it was perfect because they provided lunch and drinks and 2 hours of fun in the pool! Baga and Papa helped wrangle the boys while Maga and Nana helped keep an eye on the girls. The girls had a blast and were EXHAUSTED sitting in the party room eating. They all looked like they were gonna fall asleep in their pizza! The boys and neighbor boys were totally amped up and ready for more party by the time it was all over. How do little people have SO MUCH ENERGY?! Agh. I don’t get it. Well enough of my yapping…pics from this party:

Kaelyn, Ella M, Ella P, Marissa, and Julia

All a bit sleepy after swimming.

Ian all sugared up with a cupcake the size of his face.

Jackson enjoying his cupcake and Gavin staring off into space. Oh boys.

On St. Patricks Day, we had Kaelyn’s family party at Maga and Baga’s house! We had loads of corned beef, cabbage, carrots, bread, and polish sausage (I’m probably forgetting a bunch more…we tend to make a lot of food and eat it too). Oh and can’t forget black and tan’s from my dads bar. It wouldn’t be an irish/polish celebration without mentioning the bar and the booze. Β πŸ™‚ Sloshy sloshy beer. HA. We stuck with the St. Patty’s theme but did a bit more rainbow than anything else. Kae got to go with Nana to Deerfields Bakery and got to design her cake. Again…enough with the yappin’…here are the pic’s:

Kiki’s creative cake!

Boys reading with Uncle Al

I just love her face in this one! Muah! My big 8 year old…wow…just wow.

Β We also got to celebrate another birthday! Nana Jean turn 87(??) this year so she got to celebrate with Kae and all the other March babies in the family (Aunt Gail, Uncle John, Aunty Ann, Matthew…I’m probably forgetting someone). March and May and September are big birthday months in our family!

I’ll be back shortly (a day or two) to update on spring break (did absolutely nothing and LOVED it) and Easter! xo

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4 Years and Counting…

I can still remember the jitters I felt when I turned the corner with my dad, getting into our line position for the walk down the aisle to meet my soon to be husband. The flowers looked amazing, the church was full with loving friends and family, and the music was strong yet not overpowering the moment. John looked calm and happy with his best friends by his side. My awesome bridesmaids looked stunning in their dresses and nobody fell into the baptismal fountain (we thought we would just jump over it πŸ˜‰ ). As I heard the wedding march begin, I grasped my dad’s arm a bit tighter and looked at him holding Kaelyn. Everything was as it should be. The ceremony went by quickly and effortlessly. No ugly Oprah crying from anyone, me included. Success!

The rest of the night was smooth sailing and one of the best nights ever! The music, the atmosphere, the people. It rocked. We were so thankful for everyone who came and knew a few guests were looking down on us from heaven. I don’t think we could have had a better day.

Happy 4 years! It’s been lots of fun!

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This Never Stops Being Fun

So when Kaelyn was born and the following 2.5 years we lived with my super awesome parents while John and I went to ECC. Our days were often split, Kae would come with me some days and she’d go to daycare at ECC, and other days she would spend time with John depending on our work and school schedules. We loved to play outside at Maga and Baga’s and there was loads of room for her to run and play. The one thing she loved to do the most is probably still one of her favorite things to do when we head out to play there. The stone wall around my parents patio island has been around as long as I can remember (they had all landscaping/stonework done right after they built the house). Β I even remember walking and walking and walking in circles on those stones! So here she was circa August/September 2006:

and May 2011:

I love the ‘Dad…stop taking photos’ face. Priceless. And I LOVE how compact and round she was in 06. She’s going to be a lean mean fighting machine, probably towering over me in a few short years. Wow. Just wow. Where has that time gone?!