John and Dana

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This Past Week

on June 6, 2012

So Tuesday the 29th was my brother in laws birthday, John had plans to meet someone for a website meeting, and I was going to tackle some things off my to-do list! But for some reason I couldn’t wake up, possibly from weekend festivities, and working. John got up, dressed for work and then headed downstairs. I dragged my lazy ass out of bed and into the bathroom. When I came out to grab my towel and clothes, John was in our room and it for some reason freaked me out. He looked at me like I WAS CRAZY…which I am…and told me to come in. He was in his shorts, tshirt and baseball cap-definitely not SD #54 work attire- and had my outfit picked out for me too! SURPRISE!


He got me Cubs/Padres tickets for my birthday! My grandparents would be watching the kids and we were on our own for the whole afternoon! It was AWESOME! Best surprise! And the cubbies won! Oh, the seats were by far some of the best we’ve ever had too. Sweet! Oh and Brendan was there with his friend Matt! Double sweet.


Wednesday was magnificently boring and necessary. I bought a bridesmaid dress and Kae went to a friends house!

Then Thursday I turned into an old lady. I know I know. I’m not an old lady 😉 But my awesome friend Mandy sent me this awesome card and it downright made me laugh out loud. Love it. Just you wait when I send something your way, Lady. Since you are SO much older than me!


And my mom, dad, Brendan helped me celebrate with Lou’s pizza and a cute little cake. Weee!


Then on Saturday we celebrated birthdays (Al (29), Me (26), Pat (19)) at the Rorks house with yummy burgers, brats, and dogs! It was fun 🙂 no pictures, just plump bellies to
show for it.

And now this week we just started swim lessons! Gavin is without one of us in the pool (hallelujah!!!!) and Ian and Kiki are on the other side of the pool! Gavin seemed to listen but this was our first class, things can only get more interesting the more comfortable he gets with his instructor. I also got the chance to squeeze in some Brayden time since Jackson is in swim lessons with G! Anytime you need a break Jen…;) And actually whenever ANYONE (cough Janine cough) needs a break from their baby… More than willing arms over here!! Alright off topic now. Here’s my water baby.


And to end this week, John is off Friday and we are heading to the zoo zoo zoo! Oh and we will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary on the 9th! Weeeee!

5 responses to “This Past Week

  1. Jessica Johnson says:

    Hey lady! I dont know who all reads this blog, but you totally gave away some names and addresses here. Haha. Anyway, sounds like you are a busy lady and a cubs game sounds so fun! Tell Mandy I said hi! I haven’t talked to her in forever!!!!

  2. Jen says:

    Happy (late) birthday Dana! What a great surprise!! You guys sure are starting off your summer right. Have fun at the zoo tomorrow!

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