John and Dana

and our life with the munchkins!

I’m Ready for 4 More Years…

on May 4, 2012

Are you?? I’m not really an outspoken person. I am disclosing here and now that I’ve been a supporter of Obama since the beginning. Ian walked for the first time EVER on election night. And also, I’m not a pusher and a shover when it comes to politics. If you’re voting for someone I don’t particularly like, not the end of the world. But here’s the thing:

I won’t sit back and listen to you spew garbage facts from unreliable sources. I won’t sit back and listen to you bitch and moan about our president if you don’t/didn’t vote. So educate yourself before you whine. Educate yourself on what would be the best for YOU. This is the one time you have a choice that is all your own.


I’m sure I’ll get glares for having that sticker on my car. I’m sure at some point someone will flick me off. And you know what?? I’ll wave back with a smile knowing that I’m making a decision that will help my family and their future.


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