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Wait…She’s HOW old now?

on March 9, 2012

Yeah. I get that A LOT from my friends. It’s definitely a ‘holy shit’ moment when you realize it too.

Where were you 8 years ago? Well I was running around with my mom, dad, and brother trying to finish up some last minute stuff before I needed to be in labor/delivery at 9am on March 10th. My mom and I drove with Sue (our neighbor) and John drove his car so he could leave at night after she was born. Insane.

I just remember trying to keep calm and I didn’t cry until I got to Northwest Community because the hospital was so huge and ominous. The staff took such great care of me. Not everyone looks at a 17 year old and smiles. That was tough, going in knowing I would be part of the ‘teenage mother’ population by the end of the day. But the staff was so incredibly loving and caring, all my fears of labor and delivery were slowly going away.

And just as everyone had expected, I had Kaelyn 5 hours after I was induced. My doctor made it just in time. My mom and John were in the room, my mom helped me the whole way through the pregnancy and I had to have her with me. She was my rock. John was my ice chip man. And to be honest, I hated him at that point because the whole thing hurt so much (no epidural) but I got over it quickly as he held Kaelyn in his arms and helped wash her and dress her. Love.

Our sweet bunny.

We had so many visitors too. Family. And some of our best friends who have stuck with us through the tough times and we are still so grateful to have them in our lives. And they all have an Auntie or Uncle in front of their name, and Kaelyn won’t ever let them forget it.

Auntie Katie, Uncle Brendan, John, Uncle Dane, Uncle Phil and Ty

It’s been a long and incredible journey and I wouldn’t change any of it.  My parents are my best friends as a direct result of it. Without them, John and I would have floundered.

Happy Birthday to my sweet Kikisaurus. You’ve changed me for the better and can’t wait to watch you grow some more! Muah ❤



One response to “Wait…She’s HOW old now?

  1. Jen says:

    Awww! What a great story and from someone who met you a few years later, I am continually impressed with the maturity you had in that situation and now (I would not have handled it so well, for sure). Kaelyn was born because you were MEANT to be a mom and I am so glad that you are my neighbor and friend so I can get all that mommy advise from you and we can share all our mommy trials (and maybe a drink or two!). So, thank you for being such an amazing mother! Kaelyn is one lucky girl!

    Oh and Happy Birthday Kaelyn!!! Can’t wait to celebrate with you tomorrow!

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