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Birthday, Painting Day and Fathers Day

on June 23, 2011

Well I turned 25 on May 31st. Cue the *whomp whomp whomp* sound. I don’t know why I took 25 harder than I took 24 or 23. Just seeing my family grow up before my eyes has been hard enough, I guess being reminded of my own birthday didn’t help. I’m fine now lol. Got over my issue.

My rockin’ family bought me pizza and a cake and they sang to me šŸ™‚

You know what. I can FINALLY see which genes are more dominant in my kids. Cathony anyone??Eesh. Hopefully they get the Rork height!

What a weasel. This photo is one of a few that truely shows you how much of a menace G is. He was chasing after his brother with chocolate hands/face. Sigh. Many more years of this to come right??

Well last week I came down with a horrible awful no good very bad case of the stomach flu. John took off almost the whole week, my brother came over one morning, and my mom took the kids for a morning as well. My dad brought over gatorade with a ten foot pole and threw it into the kitchen (just assuming…didn’t see who brought the gatorade or chicken soup over). So one morning John decided to get the kids finger painting. It was kind of a rainy day so he went with it. I despise finger paints, play dough, bubbles and all kid-friendly, mom-clean up the mess types of fun. I am truly the unfun mom. I’ll bake cookies, I’ll let them watercolor and craft so no worries. My kids aren’t missing out. Plus, they have loads of craft times at school. But I digress…LOOK AT THE CUTE PICTURES!

Dirty little monkey. With no pants on. Lol.

E LOVED painting. (and Kae is a pro at finger painting so she just kept going while the boys needed their hands cleaned)

Having fun getting dirty šŸ™‚

On Father’s Day this year, we headed out to my Babcia and Dziadzia’s to relax and eat linner (lunch/dinner). My awesome dad headed out to Des Moines to help my bro fix his car. Talk about taking father’s day seriously. He fulfilled his fatherly duties that weekend. We then headed over to John’s parents house for dinner and drinks. It was all in all a really relaxing day for everyone!

K on one of the many bikes Dziadzia pulls out of the garage for the kids. Oh. And Lucy the cat. Grumble.

I was just checking out my grandparents garden. They grow some really great stuff every year. Dziadzia was giving me a few pointers. I first need to get my manure pile growing…Thankfully we don’t have any backyard neighbors anymore!

Playing with the school house. I wanna say it’s from the early 80’s. And they have most of the pieces that go with it. The boys LOVE this toy!

Gavin decided to join Katie on the lounger. He loves hanging with her and Katie is super tolerant to his antics (K and Ian HATE when Gavin wants to ‘share’ his seat with someone else lol). Here they are ‘sleeping’. I believe G was snoring at some point. Goofball.

Plenty of practice and Ian headed the ball! Dziadzia was loving it too.

And there you have it. Been taking the kids to camp and running errands this week. Hopefully we have a nice weekend and can head to Brookfield Zoo.







One response to “Birthday, Painting Day and Fathers Day

  1. lilwanderer says:

    Happy belated birthday, Dana! My 25th is in two weeks…ugh. But, I think we make 25 look good šŸ˜‰ As always, your kids are adorable!

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