John and Dana

and our life with the munchkins!

He’s All Grown Up Now

on May 25, 2011

Well when I entered the family Patrick was a youngin. So being invited to go to his graduation was super special. John, Meg, Al, Kim, Mark and Nana Rork made the trip to St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in St. Charles to see the Class of 2011 from St. Edward’s Central Catholic High School graduate. The ceremony was very nice (short, considering my graduating class at DCHS had 500+)and Bishop Doran came in from Rockford to hand out diplomas to the graduating class.

Walking in!


Diploma!! Yay!!

TOTALLY ignoring our waving arms. I probably would have too.

All the guys he went to elementary school with.

Pat, Meg and John. Amazing how Pat now towers over John. I remember him being shorter than Meg.

The whole Rork family. Sidenote: IT WAS SO DARN COLD AND WINDY LAST NIGHT. Thank god it was in the church and not outside.

Pat and Mary Gale

We then headed home to change and went out for dinner to end the night!

Also: My dearest cousin Collette (she’s like a sister though) graduated from Harper with her Associates Degree! So her fiance threw her a surprise party on Sunday after graduation!


John was being ridiculous with the camera at this point. Definitely sounded like paparazzi. 

Oh you know, cause you are supposed to STAND on the bags set. Ooof.

And climb on it. He was totally cheating here.

So it was a fun and busy few days! My brother is home for a couple days (he had a few days off from his job in Des Moines) and then we’ve got a few birthdays coming up. Uncle Al on Sunday (28??), Me on Tuesday (25), and Pat on Friday (18). Fun fun times…

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