John and Dana

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Christmas Eve 2010

on December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve this year was quite fun. All the gifts were wrapped prior to the 24th so we spent the day before naptime watching A Muppet Christmas Carol and then The Nightmare Before Christmas. All three kids paid close attention to both, which was amazing of course because John and I actually got to sit down and relax! We napped (Daddy played computer games) and then got ready to go to my aunt and uncles house for our Polish Christmas celebration.

Wigilia (ve-gilia) means Christmas Eve and we start off by breaking our oplatki (kind of like communion waffers only square and thinner) with one another to wish each other a happy and prosperous new year. We then have a wonderful meat-less dinner (I read somewhere that Wigilia without fish would be the equivalent to a Thanksgiving without turkey) with kapusta and mashed potatoes, baked salmon, tilapia, pickled herring in vinegar and oil, salad, pierogi and other yummy items. There is always an extra place setting for the unknown traveler (reminding us of Mary and Joseph). At then end of the meal, my babcia walks around with poppy seed rice pudding (I know I know…interesting…) and you have to spoon yourself out as much as you want. The trick here is that if you take more, you have more luck during the coming year. The stuff is quite different in texture but you’ve gotta mussel it down because this is your only chance to eat some luck πŸ˜‰ Well, at least until next year. My aunt did a great job hosting and my uncle kept the yummy bubbly stuff flowing. The cousins are great with the kids and they brought out a set of train tracks that kept the kids happy for hours. We had a great time!

Oplatki time!

Train tracks that kept them busy while the adults hung out. This is also as close to a family photo we got of them. Oh well.

Bajkowski Family Ladies

Bajkowski Family Men, notice Ian’s face…This was photo number 210 for this photo shoot πŸ˜‰

G and Katie, opening presents. Kaelyn loafing on the ottoman.


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