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Chicago Adventures

on August 9, 2010

This weekend, the Rorks invited us downtown for a mini-vacation in the city! We packed up our suitcase, diaper bag, pack n’ play and away we went! Yes, we needed all that. We are a traveling circus, did you forget?!

Well, we left around 3 on Friday and sat in lovely Lollapallooza traffic on 90. 2 1/2 hours later we were able to valet and check-in at the Palmer House! The Rorks (Mom, Dad, Pat, Megan) and their friends/significant others were already downtown for Lolla, so we were able to meet up with them on Saturday morning! After a partially restful night (Gavin and John slept like logs) we headed out for a day at the Shedd Aquarium! My mom and dad bought Gavin some Shedd tickets for his birthday so we were too excited to go.

The obligatory hotel bed jumping before we went out for our city walk on Friday night.

The “special” elevator to the top floor. It didn’t really move, so we just stood/sat there for fun.

Kaelyn at the Bean. Ian was a bit too freaked by it and Gavin could care less.

We walked the bridge (From Millennium Park to The Art Institute over Monroe St.). Ian LOVED seeing the trains under the A.I.

Saturday, we made it to our surprise fun location, the SHEDD! The kids couldn’t keep themselves away from the huge tank in the middle.

Gavin LOVED watching the “Water Kitties”. Well, I made that up. But he LOVES our kitties at home and Sea Otters are pretty darn cute. One otter kept swimming around the bottom of the tank and pushing off against the glass right where Gavin was sitting.

This kid has turned into a water baby. He INSTANTLY splashed his hands in the yummy salty/murk water in the underwater discovery exhibit. And got soaking wet. Of course.

We also got to see the Wild Reef exhibit, where they now house all the stingrays and sharks and coral. Ian was standing ABOVE the stingray exhibit. Very cool! At the end of our trip, we thought we could get a nice cute photo of our 2 oldest in front of the fountain. This is what we got and this is what we are used to.

Now in other news, Gavin has either broken out into a nasty rash on his face or was eating alive by skeeters last night on our walk. Nothing we can do but cream him and hope for the best. Poor guy is as happy as ever though, so I’m not too worried.

Next up, a Lederer visit this week, meeting Mike O. for a painting meeting (great room AND foyer/den…woo hoo!), John Mayer with Scott and Katie, Babcia and Dziadzia’s and Kaelyn’s First Day of School! Woo. Busy busy!


3 responses to “Chicago Adventures

  1. Jen says:

    What a great trip! I love the city and it looks like your kids did too! What a great mini vacation. You got some great pictures at the Shedd!

    On the other hand, poor Gavin! What happened?!?! Is it better? I thought Jackson had it bad, but Gavin for sure takes the cake.

  2. lilwanderer says:

    I love the “water kitties”, too! Your kids are adorable, Dana! You make a great mom!

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