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South Carolina 2010

on July 27, 2010

This year we went to Seabrook Island, South Carolina for a week-long relaxing and rejuvenating beach vacation. We tend to go there fairly often because we love it so very much. The island is private, and there are no major hotels or hot spots so it’s a very quiet and calm place to be. My parents are owners of some land on the island so we go and rent a home for a week, dreaming of what life will be like when they build or buy! Dreams do come true, people! We’ve got proof 😉

We left Friday at 5:30am, and were in S.C. by Saturday. There was a minor glitch though, the kids (after riding in the car for 13 hours) decided they didn’t really want to sleep in the hotel. Sorta crappy, we mostly felt bad for the people around us who had to listen to insane-o shrieking from the G-Man. But we got up BRIGHT AND EARLY, and got back into the car for day 2 of driving. Once we got to Seabrook, some genius plowed into the generator and knocked out power to the whole island. Well at that time, we had 2 cars full of groceries from Costco, 3 gangry and antsy kids, and 4 hot adults having to move loads upon loads of luggage from the car to the hot-house. Did I mention that South Carolina gets hot but in a muggy, suck the air right out of you, way? Oh well, there. It does. And we love it. And we go back almost every year! So we bitched but dealt with it. Cause WE WERE ON VACATION DAMN-IT!

All the kids: Josh,Me, Kae, Zach, Ian and Steve.

My parent’s long-time friends, Jim and Marsha Blake and their 2 kids Zach and Josh, also joined us on the vacation. And they brought with them the A/C, cause the second my parents and the Blakes came in with 100lbs of ice to keep the food chilled, the electricity came back on. So it goes. So it goes.

Jim, Marsha, Dad and Mom- Jim and my dad have been friends since Elementary school.

We drank. We ate way too much food. We crispified our bodies on the beach, then we tanned. We swam. We ate. We drank. And drank some more. Did I mention the drinks there are always better than back home? Yes? Oh ok. Well they are! We also rented bikes. John pulled Kae on the tag-a-long(she has no sense of balance so this was hard!!), and I pulled Ian and Gavin in the Burley Trailer. Let me just say once that I enjoyed every minute of pulling what seemed like 800lbs of bricks on a no-gear bike, on the beach, into the wind, barefoot, uphill, and in the snow. Nevermind. It seriously was so much fun! The kids loved every minute of every single day. Zach and Josh were like built-in buddies, who each took a kid and played with them until they were completely exhausted. Ian became so attached that all he could ask when we were coming back home was, “Where is Mr. Zach? Where is Mr. Josh? Where are Jim and Marsha?”

Gavin enjoying some Sticky Fingers. I have never seen a more spotless rib bone. He’s a pro.

Kaelyn with her Baga.

Ian pointing at something. (Helicopter, Fighter Jets, Boats, Bridge?! Could have been any or a combo of those.) Charleston Air Force Base  practice a lot, and we get to watch!

We also had another vacationer with us. Steve flew in on Sunday night! He had to work the weekend but then was able to get a few days off to enjoy the S.C. sun and of course golf courses. The kids were absolutely devastated when he left Thursday, but knowing he’s at home for a few more weeks made it all better. (Steven goes to Eastern Kentucky University, and is in the PGM program…aka…GOLF GOLF and MORE GOLF are in his agenda at all times.)

Baked French Toast!

Did I mention anything about food yet? Oh I guess I’ll do that. So Jim/Marsha/Mom/Dad are foodies. We ate something amazing for breakfast almost every day. French Toast, Bacon, Biscuits and Gravy, Fruit Salad, Blueberry Pancakes, Ham and Egg bake, Bagels, and Eggs. Dinner’s consisted of Burger Night, Mexican Night, Italian Night, and then Sticky Fingers BBQ and Seafood at the Crab Shack on Folly Beach! Other nights were left-overs and John and I even got out to Charleston to eat at the Noisy Oyster!

On our last day , Friday, everyone went on a bike ride then headed to the beach for some crabbing. Not cranky crabbing. CRABBING CRABBING. Standing in knee-deep water with twine and chicken necks on a crabbing hook in one hand and net in the other, CRABBING. Very relaxing and infuriating at the same time. Right Dad?! *crazy gleam in his eye*

Mmm, we’re gonna eat you now. *Crabby wouldn’t let go of the tongs, I think she was a bit pissed*

And that was it. We packed up Friday night, cleaned out the fridge, loaded the cars and were out the door Saturday morning by 9am! John drove the whole way home and we got back by 4:30am on Sunday! The last few hours through Indiana made us go a little crazy and I think my dad wanted to shoot us. But staying in a hotel sucks for us. The kids slept in the car and I was co-pilot/flight attendant. We drank a lot of coffee 🙂 And talked about a lot of useless things. But we had fun. And that’s all that matters. Happy Vacation!

This week is going to be all about getting re-acclimated to our house, getting the cat’s back into a normal routine (they were P-I-S-S-E-D when we came home), and we have a wedding to go to on Friday for my childhood friend Pam!

*The photos I have up on the blog are from round 2 of uploading, round 1 is on John’s laptop. Once I figure out how to get those onto the family comp, I’ll upload um to Flickr*

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