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Oops…I Did It Again

on July 11, 2010

Yeah, I know. *Bad Dana* slaps hand. Things have been fairly busy around here.

Fourth of July was a nice 4 day weekend for John, so we had a smallish BBQ with friends and neighbors. We then headed to Sleepy Hollow fireworks with Dane and Alex. (My Our camera’s batteries are rechargeable, and yes…the charger is missing…) It’s time to go out and buy one because I will not miss out on cute family moments in South Carolina next week.

Yup, S.C. Can’t WAIT! The kids have been asking every day this week if we were leaving in the morning. We’ve got a house-sitter lined up so our kitty meows don’t get lonely. It will keep Auntie Meg happy too 🙂

Potty Training is stinking. The boy-child feels no need to go since he can go in his pull-up. I think we’ll let it be this next 2 weeks then jump back in full force on August 1st. Check back soon, I may update. #justkidding

I’m hoping to avoid the internets this vacation and focus on family and fun. I might get a bit of blogging in there, but I’m not sure if John will share his laptop with his big huge project going on. 🙂 Maybe we’ll forget the laptop completely! Oh who am I kidding. We both have iPhones that are attached to our palms at all times. Ha.

Hmm…what else am I forgetting. Oh well. When I figure it out, maybe I’ll blog.


One response to “Oops…I Did It Again

  1. Jessica says:

    Sounds fun! Enjoy your vacation!!!

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