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Good Morning, America! Live from…

on July 2, 2010

WEST DUNDEE! Yup, that’s right, Folks. Our block (S. 2nd Street) was chosen by Good Morning America to be the host/winner of “The Best Block in America” contest. We had to be down on 2nd Street by 5:30am, since taping began at 6am sharp! There were tons of things going on, like the Cotton Candy, and Popcorn machine which makes its appearance at every ANNUAL block party, hosted by Liberty Street. There was also the donut on a string game, bike parade, and water balloon toss which eventually turned into a water balloon fight 🙂

Just chilling on the block 🙂 Dane and Kara, fellow West Dundee-ian’s, joined us for the festivities. And the Foley’s came too! Bella and Coda, “the girls”, were so well-behaved. I think they knew they could be on t.v.

Mr. G-Man was just relaxing and enjoying his early morning t.v. appearance.

Cameron Matheson, Mr. Hottie McHotpants, starting off the bike parade with a few of the mom’s from the ‘hood.

Grrr 🙂 Sorry, John.

Kae and John trying to get a good view of Rocco Dispirito cooking.

Donut on a string game. Cameron lost. Kid in Red shirt-Win.

Ian enjoying his early morning cotton candy fix. That also ended up in Kaelyn’s ponytail. That was an experience I never want to go through again 😛

Water Balloon Toss!

Ian clearly trying to pop the water balloon and Kaelyn patiently waiting for him to toss it.

What a fun way to start off the day! Kaelyn went to camp following the block party and the boys were hyper-active creatures. It really was fun 🙂 You can click on this to view one of the interviews.


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