John and Dana

and our life with the munchkins!

Sorry All

on June 22, 2010

Woah, it’s been 1 full week since I posted anything about my weasel children and hubs. Lets see, oh there it is…Bullet List Option…NOW

  • Monday- We rested up from a somewhat eventful weekend (John and I saw Billy Elliot on Saturday and Jackson’s 1st Birthday party on Sunday) and headed over for some leftovers at the Foleys, yum yum!
  • Tuesday- Kaelyn started swim lessons! She’s a natural! Just trying to get out of level 2 and into level 3!
  • Wednesday- Uneventful
  • Thursday- Swim lessons again AND Kaelyn lost her top front tooth! She’ll be a jack-o-lantern in October for sure!
  • Friday- Was John first official Friday off, thanks to the awesomeness of his job. We hung out all day, he went grocery shopping and got stuck in the freakishly windy downpour. Scott and Katie German came over to relax and chat.
  • Saturday- The kids went to the Liberty Street Block party with Nana and Papa, and completely had a blast! Gavinator was with me out shopping so he missed all the fun. There is always next year on the “Best Block in America”. (daily herald article about the contest winners…it doesn’t surprise me that they won, just knowing all the parents I have come in contact with in the past year, they all rock!)
  • Sunday– Fathers Day! John took his dad and bro out for breakfast and then we went to Babcia and Dziadzia’s for dinner! Very nice and very relaxing. Also we watched our friend Dane (short story: so Dane went to school in L.A., graduated, has an awesome job playing keyboards for Selena Gomez in her band The Scene, and had to travel to Budapest to shoot a music video in one day. Insane right?!)in Selena Gomez and The Scenes new music video “Round and Round”. (he’s in the car in the beginning, the waiter, maybe running too, and of course on the keys)Too proud of him, too excited for him, and he’s a humble guy too.
  • Yesterday- Gavin broke out into a crazy rash, Ian is a full-blown terrible 2 mess, and Kaelyn was a bit of a meanie. We all have those days. I forgive them. I also went to bed early.
  • Today- Hung around the house, went to the park with Jen and Jackson, sweated to death at the park with J and J, then came home to unwind with some freeze pops. Freeze pops make everything better 🙂

And one more thing, Ian is in full-blown potty training mode! He loves going, seeing himself pee (sorry if that TMI), and getting his treat after he goes! Its only been a week, but he’s definitely catching on. I think it may be time to bring the toddler bed over from Maga and Baga’s! Woo hoo! Go Ian!

I honestly don’t have any pictures from the past week. Bad Mom *slaps hand*, I’ll try to do better this week.


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